Scholarships from China University of Petroleum Confucius Institute 2024

Scholarships from China University of Petroleum Confucius Institute 2024

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The China University of Petroleum’s Confucius Institute Scholarships 2024 offer a remarkable opportunity for non-Chinese citizens passionate about Chinese language and culture. These scholarships, spanning from four-week short courses to full academic year studies, provide comprehensive support including tuition, accommodation, living allowances, and medical insurance. They are tailored for students and educators dedicated to Chinese language education, bridging cultures and expanding global understanding of China’s rich linguistic heritage.

So are you an aspiring international scholar, passionate about Chinese language and culture? The China University of Petroleum’s Confucius Institute Scholarships for 2024 could be your gateway to an enriching academic adventure! This program, fueled by the Center For Language Education And Cooperation (CLEC), is designed to meet the growing global demand for skilled Chinese language teachers and to enhance Chinese language education worldwide.

Sponsorship of Confucious Institute Scholarship

This scholarship at the University of Petroleum comprehensively sponsors the following:

  • Tuition: Includes training, student management, one HSK, and one HSK test fee (textbooks excluded).
  • Accommodation: In-campus apartments or off-campus with an allowance.
  • Living Allowance: Monthly stipends with specific conditions.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance: As per the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China.

Who Can Apply for this Chinese Scholarship 2024?

Eligibility is broad yet specific:

  • Good physical and mental health, strong academic and behavioral records.
  • Non-Chinese citizenship.
  • Age between 16 and 35 (as of September 1st, 2024), with exceptions for current Chinese language teachers (up to 45 years old) and undergraduate applicants (not over 25).
  • Dedication to Chinese language education and related fields.

Types of Confucious Institute Scholarships 2024

(1) Scholarship for Academic Year Study: Starts in September 2024, offering up to eleven months of study. Prior recipients of similar scholarships are ineligible. Specific HSK test scores are required, varying by the chosen area of study.

(2) Scholarship for One-Semester Study: Begins either in September 2024 or March 2025, with a maximum duration of five months. X1 or X2 visa holders are not eligible. Again, HSK test scores are a prerequisite.

(3) Scholarship for Four-Week Study: Scheduled for either July or December, this short-term scholarship focuses on Chinese Study, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taiji Culture, and more. Excludes X1 or X2 visa holders.

(4) Special Four-week Program for Confucius Institutes: A group-based program requiring an HSK test score, with detailed study plans approved by CLEC.

How to Submit Application?

You can apply for any of the above 4 programs at China University of Petroleum’s Confucius Institute scholarship by submitting a free-of-cost online application form.