2024 Full-Funded Scholarships to the Czech Republic without IELTS

2024 Full-Funded Scholarships to the Czech Republic without IELTS

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Are you considering studying in the Czech Republic and worried about the language proficiency tests? Fear not! The Czech Republic opens its doors to international students through various scholarships, eliminating the need for IELTS. Let’s delve into some notable opportunities that could pave the way for your academic journey in this European gem.

List of Czech Republic Scholarships without IELTS 2024

1. Czech Republic Government Scholarships

The Czech government generously provides scholarships covering the entire course for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Zambia. Designed for those with completed bachelor’s degrees, these scholarships apply to selected study areas taught in both Czech and English. ( More Information )

2. Charles University Scholarships

Charles University offers a plethora of scholarships for international students opting for English-taught programs. From PhD scholarships for full-time students to faculty-specific scholarships covering tuition or living costs, Charles University caters to students at all levels – Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctoral. ( More Information )

3. Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) Scholarships

For those interested in PPE-related degrees or studying at the CEVRO INSTITUTE in the Czech Republic, diverse scholarships are available. Some are country-based, so ensure you apply for the PPE scholarship that suits your profile. ( More Information )

4. Czech Technical University Scholarships

The Czech Technical University (CTU) offers scholarships addressing the cost of living for international master’s and doctoral students. While it doesn’t cover tuition, the scholarship provides financial support, making it a valuable resource for those pursuing advanced degrees. ( More Information )

5. International Visegrad Scholarships

Mainly applicable to citizens of Visegrad countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland), these scholarships facilitate Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctoral students’ mobility across selected countries. ( More Information )

6. ERASMUS Mundus Scholarships

Open to students of all nationalities pursuing master’s degrees, ERASMUS Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD) provide international scholarships. Some Czech universities offer these degrees, allowing eligible students to receive financial support. ( More Information )

7. Masaryk University Scholarships

Masaryk University offers scholarships for foreign students focusing on the Czech language, culture, and literature. While not a full-time degree, it’s a great opportunity for those studying Czech studies or similar subjects. ( More Information )

8. Josef Dobrovsky Fellowship Scholarship

Designed for young foreign researchers, this scholarship finances study stays at the Czech Academy of Sciences. It’s an excellent opportunity for those keen on exploring the history, culture, geography, and language of the Czech Republic. ( More Information )

How to Apply Without IELTS:

Most Czech universities don’t require IELTS if you’ve completed a previous degree in English. To confirm, reach out to the admissions department of your prospective school.