Job Opportunities at the ILO

Job Opportunities at the ILO

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International vacancies are for professional career positions worldwide. Successful candidates for positions in this category would be expected to take up different assignments (in field offices and Headquarters) during their career at the ILO.

These vacancies can be in any of the ILO’s areas of work, and normally require an advanced university degree (Master's).

International Recruitment

Note: The following information is indicative of the conditions of employment for staff recruited internationally for vacancies listed in the International category, and for professional vacancies (grades P1 – P5) in the Development Cooperation category. Exact entitlements are to be determined at the onboarding stage, and depend on one's personal situation upon recruitment.

Employment conditions

The ILO is an international public sector employer. As such, salary and other conditions of employment at the ILO conform to those established by the International Civil Service Commission for employment in the United Nations and specialized agencies, and are not negotiable. Benefits and allowances are subject to the specific terms of the appointment, and depend on one’s personal situation, but generally include:

  • Base salary and post adjustment: Recruitment is normally made at the initial step in the grade. The post adjustment (cost of living adjustment) is variable and subject to change without notice in accordance with the rates set by the ICSC for the UN Common System for salaries and allowances.
  • Family allowance
  • Children's education grant (per child per year)
  • Pension and Health Insurance schemes
  • 30 working days' annual leave
  • Settling-in Grant
  • Entitlement to transport expenses of personal effects
  • Repatriation Grant (if applicable)
  • Home-leave travel with eligible dependents every two years
  • Rental subsidy (if applicable)

Salaries and emoluments are exempt from taxation by the Swiss authorities and, on the basis of international agreements or national law relating to presence or residence abroad, are generally exempt from taxation by other governments. In the absence of exemption, in most cases tax paid will be reimbursed in accordance with an ILO document which will be supplied upon request.

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