How To Get An Internship At Snap Inc. and Apply Now

How To Get An Internship At Snap Inc. and Apply Now

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Snap Inc. Intern Program

We hire smart, kind and creative students from across the globe who make up our Snap Intern Class. We believe that the best products come from a collaboration of different kinds of people. We focus on hiring students from diverse schools, various backgrounds and with specific skill sets for each team hosting an intern. We currently hire interns across 10 regions globally, with a focus on Engineering, Product, Research and Business. Snap provides an environment where you're encouraged to grow, be mentored by smart leaders and have an opportunity to improve every single day.

Types of Internships at Snap Inc.


Engineering interns from undergraduate to PhD programs at Snap are tasked with solving interesting technical challenges. From architecting and deploying infrastructure to designing a slick and secure mobile client used by millions every day, interns continue to have a major impact on our products. 


Snap Research interns work on unique research problems alongside our Research team in Los Angeles, Seattle, and NYC. Our interns work on cutting-edge research problems, publish to top academic conferences, and work on new features and technology alongside our product teams. 

We encourage you to apply to the 2021 Snap Research Scholarship and Fellowship.


As Snap continues to grow, our Business interns help shape diversity of thought and creativity. Business internships at Snap are spread amongst a wide variety of teams. We host undergraduate and masters students throughout the summer term from various universities across the globe. 


We offer our interns both formal and informal opportunities to connect with our Snap Team. You will be paired with a mentor throughout the duration of your internship with us who will be able to provide insight into the team's goals and objectives and how that translates into your work. There are also opportunities for you to seek informal mentorship through our Employee Resource Groups as well as other authentic mentorship connections throughout your internship.


Through all of the contributions and impactful work you'll contribute to during your internship, our Snap Interns also have a lot of fun together! From Beach Days to Bowling to Virtual Trivia Games, we offer a wide variety of opportunities to network and have fun with your intern cohort!


Through Executive Speaker Series to creating your own learning path, our Snap Interns get the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest in their fields, and always have the opportunity to learn something new!


Snap is still committed to hiring and hosting university talent during these uncertain times. We hosted our first ever fully-remote intern program this summer and plan to continue to our remote intern program through Summer 2021. Through our Exec Speaker Series, ERG Mentor Program, and various networking events, our Snap Interns are still able to get exposure to our Snap Team in this virtual environment.

Applying to Snap Inc.

We hire interns across our technical and non-technical teams for 3-4 month sessions throughout the year. Our students have a variety of experience across various undergraduate, master's, MBA, and PhD programs. Applications for various internships at Snap are open throughout the year. However, most of our technical positions will be open in August / September and most of our non-technical positions will open in January / February of each year.

Ready to Apply?

Before you apply, ensure your resume is up to date as this will be the first piece of information our team will see. Review the job description and align your experience with the role you're applying for. Keep it to one page - we know you're more than a piece of paper, so try to let your resume reflect that. If we need additional information about your work, your recruiter will work with you to collect that info.

How to prepare

If you're selected to interview, you will conduct a series of interviews - which may be via phone or video conference. You can review our How We Interview Guide and Technical How We Interview Guide for some tips to get prepared for your interview with Snap.